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Serving Oak Harbor Nuisance Wildlife Control Issues for Over A Decade

Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal proudly serves the residential and commercial buildings in the unique and stunning Oak Harbor region. Our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal team regularly gets calls to address nuisance raccoons that have entered Oak Harbor homes and businesses via any number of areas.

More often than not, we get homeowner calls about raccoons that we end up determining have entered through roof vents, roof soffit intersections, chimneys, or everywhere it can discover or create a point of entry. Once a raccoon, especially a pregnant female, is inside a home, we find that it has built a nest, damaged insulation, wood, air ducts, and chewed on wires that could have potentially created a fire.

Once in a home, the late-night infuriating raccoon noise starts, and that’s when our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal staff starts getting the calls. A raccoon, a nocturnal creature, and its babies will chitter, snarl, mew, and cry late into the evening hours.

But worst of all, an unwelcomed pest raccoon will also use their new nesting ground in your Oak Harbor home like a bathroom leaving piles of hazardous urine-soaked raccoon feces filled with microscopic roundworm eggs, creating an unhealthy home environment.

When it comes to Raccoon Trapping, Raccoon Damage Repairs, and Raccoon Cleanup Sanitation, the Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal team are 100% sure we provide the best nuisance raccoon services throughout the Oak Harbor area. Read what our customers have to say about our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal job performance and you’ll be convinced that calling us at (419) 552-2001 would be the smart move if you are having Oak Harbor raccoon problems.

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What we do At Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Trapping, Raccoon Damage Repairs, and Raccoon Cleanup and Sanitation

Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal Does Humane Raccoon Trapping

Don’t risk your time, money, and home using do-it-yourself inhumane and ineffective methods to trap raccoons. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest and their Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal licensed and insured wildlife control experts have years of experience and training to handle any pest raccoon trapping problem quickly and effectively.

Our trapping systems can be setup for any number of situations
We always humanly trap raccoons
We never leave any baby raccoons behind when trapping raccoons

DAMAGE REPAIRS At Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal

Nuisance raccoons can cause many forms of damage when entering your Oak Harbor home or business. Typical areas of raccoon damage include roof trim, soffits, gable vents, dormers, siding, and other entry points around a structure. Our  Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal team has A+ carpentry skills and is prepared to resolve any raccoon damage throughout your property.

A raccoon damaged this roof ridgeline
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal repairs damaged ridgelines
A raccoon tore through this rotted fascia
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal repairs damaged fascia
Fascia is easily torn apart by a raccoon
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal repairs fascia with strong raccoon proof stainless steel

Cleanup And Sanitation At Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal

Our cleanup sanitation experts will eliminate debris and disinfect contaminated areas. Our superior commercial/residential sanitizing and disinfecting services combine specialized treatment processes to disinfect wood, metal, cement, and plastic surfaces, ensuring a safe, healthy indoor environment.

Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal cleans up raccoon feces and urine
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal fogs all contaminated areas of an infected building
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal blows in new insulation into attics after a full cleaning.
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal removes all manner of debris and feces from crawlspaces
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal removes raccoon damaged air vent ducts in crawlspaces.
Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal insulates and creates vapor barriers for crawlspace

Insights Into The Greater Oak Harbor Region

Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal News Reports From The Frontlines

All of our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal crew love the welcoming mood when they get to a nuisance wildlife job in Oak Harbor. After a hard day of work, our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal crew often head into the heart of the village and visit the quaint shops, historic buildings, and friendly restaurants.

The charming village of Oak Harbor’s southern border rests on the Portage River, where you can find the Portage River Paddling Company, where you can rent kayaks, tandem kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards by the hour and go out and explore this beautiful section of the Portage River.

Many of the team are wildlife enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, fishing, bird watching, or simply walking in nature. Oak Harbor’s Magee Marsh Wildlife Area offers opportunities in each of these areas.

Gone are the blacksmith shops, machine shops, and many stores that once served this small farming community, but development toward nature’s beauty has occurred in places like Magee Marsh Wildlife Beach, a beach for wildlife viewing and searching the beach, though sorry, no swimming.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest suggests you take a day and bring your family to Oak Harbor for a day. Ohh, lest we forget, one of our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal experts suggests you take your children to Paddleboarding with Goats – your kids will love it! You won’t be disappointed.

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Our Oak Harbor Raccoon Removal Clients Love Us

Such a friendly customer service experience! Best I’ve ever had! They are extremely thorough investigating problems, finding solutions, and repairing the home if needed good as new. Myself and family members have had wonderful experiences!

Teresa Hixon

Very professional dealing with raccoons and my home owners insurance paid for the whole thing!

Tyler Johnson

We discovered we had an animal in our attic late on a Saturday afternoon. I found Buckeye Wildlife online and sent a text to the provided number. The response was immediate. They were there on Monday, raccoon removed by Tuesday morning. They provided full service from pest removal, removal of contaminated insulation, cleanup, disinfecting the area, replacing insulation, and closing the entry point to keep the evil critters out!! I met 4 different employees in the process and each was professional and easy to work with… I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.

Mike Curtis

Amazing service! Very polite on the phone, prompt follow up and came out same-day to take care of my needs. Highly recommend them!

Andy Gottesman

We had a mother raccoon and babies in our attic. We couldn’t sleep at night with all the noise! …  able to remove the mother & six babies! Extremely professional and we are grateful to have them gone!!

Lyn Denny


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