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Raccoon Damage Repair Service

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Providing complete residential and commercial raccoon damage repair service for roofs, attics, garages, sheds, basements, porches, crawl spaces, and more. 

A Raccoon Damage Repair Service You Cannot Afford To Pass Up

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Once our Sandusky Raccoon Removal team eliminates raccoons from your home or business, you’ll more than likely need our raccoon damage repair service. When faced with the resulting damage caused by a raccoon, our raccoon damage repair carpenters can effectively rebuild structural damage to your roof, soffits, fascia, vents, walls, ceiling, and HVAC system. And, of course, we close any openings to prevent future raccoon infestations.

Once in your home, raccoons seem to love destroying things like ripping apart air duct material, insulation around your building’s pipes, chewing and tearing insulation backing, and not knowing better chewing electrical wires that can turn them dead in an instant and potentially start your home or business on fire.

Our Licensed And Insured Sandusky Raccoon Damage Repair Contractors Can Manage Any Raccoon Damage Repair Job, Regardless Of Size Or Scope.

Over the years, our Sandusky raccoon damage repair team have seen situations ranging from damage to ceilings that raccoons have fallen through, damage to walls through which raccoons dig their way out, damage to roofs after a raccoon has torn up shingles and the area beneath the shingles, damage to soffits attached to only two places that raccoons can dislodge with no difficulty, and then horrendous damage to attics.

Fortunately, our Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest raccoon damage repair pros offer full-service residential and commercial raccoon damage repair for roofs, attics, garages, sheds, basements, porches, crawl spaces, chimneys, and more.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, serving the greater Sandusky, Ohio region, may be able to work with your insurance company, making us compliant with many raccoon damage repair claims. However, there are no guarantees as each insurance company has its unique policy coverage regarding wildlife and wildlife damage.


The 6 Most Common Areas That Need Our Raccoon Damage Repair Team

A raccoon invasion in your home or business presents some health risks that may well affect you, your family, or your customers. Raccoons are now city animals comfortable around humans and domesticated animals. They ransack your rubbish, bring diseases, and if you recognize one on your property, you should call us now before you regret the destruction a raccoon can cause and the associated costs.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Soffits

As you can see in the graphic below, the soffit extends from the bottom of the fascia to the outside wall. The soffit, made of vinyl or aluminum, blocks the eaves, which is used to describe the roof’s overhang. Additionally, a soffit vents air into the attic keeping both the roof and attic ventilated.

A poorly constructed soffit invites a raccoon into your home since a raccoon can easily pull it. Over time a soffit droops or becomes disconnected just from weather conditions, time, or poor fitting. If a raccoon can get a decent grasp on anything below the soffit, it is easy for them to bend, unwrap from the wall, or tear off completely.

If a raccoon can open up a soffit, it will climb into the eave space to make a nest or get access to the attic through openings in the eave. And if a pregnant female raccoon makes its way into your attic, then the nightmare begins.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to soffits.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Fascia

Wood rot in fascia boards provides raccoons with an accessible entrance into eaves. A raccoon can easily chew and tear its way through a rotting fascia board. More than likely, the rot came about due to water and faulty gutters connected to the fascia boards.

Properly designed gutter systems should direct water into the gutters and not behind them onto the fascia boards. And when you have water directed behind your gutters, that water starts damaging your fascia board and, in time, can go inside your walls. Once your fascia board gets rotted to the point that it is soft, a raccoon will have no problem ripping apart the fascia. And if a raccoon doesn’t create a problem, more than likely, the rotted fascia will no longer support the weight of the gutters and down the gutters go.

When our raccoon damage repair team goes to your home, they will make sure to investigate any potential fascia issues. Rest assured, our Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest carpenters provide you with several options to get correctly installed fascia boards that will prevent future raccoon invasions.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to fascia.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Vents

Raccoons enter Ohio homes and businesses via all outside types of vents. Keeping raccoons out of your buildings can pose a problem once it decides one of your vents is an ideal entryway. Roof vents provide for proper airflow out of your home and buildings, but it is an opening for a raccoon as well!

When a curious raccoon investigates your place for an area to enter, it can feel the warm air from a vent, especially during cooler weather. And once a raccoon, especially a pregnant female, wants in for safety and comfort from the weather, it is strong enough to tear apart most common vents.

The most common vent materials consist of aluminum and plastic, and raccoons go through these vents even when properly installed with no damage. But, broken or poorly installed vents make a raccoon’s life easier if it wants in and becomes your new houseguest.

Our highly trained, licensed, and insured raccoon damage repair technicians inspect a building searching for potential entry points via ridge vents, off ridge vents, box vents, soffit vents, gable vents, and more.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to vents.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Chimney Caps

Raccoons often enter open Ohio chimneys in winter to get relief from the cold. Your chimney looks a lot like a hollow tree to a raccoon and is perfect for nest building. Our Northwest raccoon damage repair team often finds female raccoons climbing into a chimney to give birth and raise the babies within the chimneys protection from the elements.

All raccoons are outstanding climbers, so they can effortlessly get in and out of a chimney. Once a raccoon decides to take up residence in your chimney, expect a racket of scratching, chirping, and squealing, the scent of urine and poop coming into your living area, parasites, and fleas possibly getting inside your home.

You can avoid raccoons in your chimney by placing a chimney cap on it. It’s necessary to cover your chimney with screening or a cap made with thick wire mesh that keeps raccoons out. At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, we install two kinds of Chimney caps: single flue or inside mount.

We’ll install a single-flue cap by sliding it over the top of the chimney and fastening it with screws or bolts. If we decide an inside-mount chimney cap best suits your situation, we place it inside the flue and securely attach it to the chimney.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to chimney caps.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Roofs

There is no 100% sure-fire way to keep raccoons off your roof, but you can drastically minimize the risk so you don’t end up with thousands of dollars in roof repairs. We suggest you trim any trees around your home so a raccoon doesn’t have an easy way from your bordering trees to your roof. Also, keep vines and other tree-like plants next to your home’s outer walls short, so raccoons can’t use them for climbing.

Once on your roof, raccoons are fully capable of ripping out holes, allowing them entry. Tearing through shingles is a piece of cake for a raccoon, especially if the roof has weak spots like rotted plywood sheathing that weakens the structure of your roof. Some of our customers live in areas of Northwest Ohio where raccoons are so plentiful they have asked us if we could replace their shingles with metal roofing.

Of course, we can arrange to replace your shingles roof with a metal roof, but we believe you don’t need to go that far. Arrange an inspection with one of our professional raccoon damage repair experts, and they will help you chose the best and most cost-effective approach for creating a raccoon-proofed roof.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to roofs.

Raccoon Damage Repair Of Attics

Once a raccoon invades your attic, not only will severe damage ensue, but also there are health risks that can affect you, your family, and visiting friends. How a raccoon has made its way into your attic has been addressed above: via fascia, vents, soffits, and roofs.

Raccoons love “attic hotels” since they are warmer than the outside, dry, safe, and protected from the weather and predators. Since attics are also close to humans, raccoons can usually find water, especially food left for pets and in garbage cans.

A female raccoon loves a secure and enclosed attic where it can birth and raise its kits. And once kits are born, expect a great deal of crying when they are not sleeping and mommy raccoon “talking” to her babies.

Once in your attic, expect the area filled with droppings, urine, mold, bacteria, viruses, fleas, ticks, and mites. Raccoon feces can contain roundworm, which causes serious health issues. So make sure you stay clear of any areas in your attic that have raccoon urine or feces.

Once in your attic, a raccoon’s destruction begins. A raccoon will chew electrical wiring, creating a potential fire hazard, and rip apart heating and cooling ducts. This masked bandit will flatten and tear up your insulation and move it around to suit its needs, like bedding.

Removing a raccoon from your attic isn’t easy work, especially if you have an aggressive mother protecting its kits. It’s best to call the licensed and insured professionals at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing damage to attics.
Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon damage repair page showing duct damage in attic.
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Very professional dealing with raccoons and my home owners insurance paid for the whole thing!

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We discovered we had an animal in our attic late on a Saturday afternoon. I found Buckeye Wildlife online and sent a text to the provided number. The response was immediate. They were there on Monday, raccoon removed by Tuesday morning. They provided full service from pest removal, removal of contaminated insulation, cleanup, disinfecting the area, replacing insulation, and closing the entry point to keep the evil critters out!! I met 4 different employees in the process and each was professional and easy to work with… I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.

Mike Curtis

Amazing service! Very polite on the phone, prompt follow up and came out same-day to take care of my needs. Highly recommend them!

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We had a mother raccoon and babies in our attic. We couldn’t sleep at night with all the noise! …  able to remove the mother & six babies! Extremely professional and we are grateful to have them gone!!

Lyn Denny

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