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Fiding Your Lawn Torn Up? Ohh, Ohh, Could Be Raccoon Lawn Turfing Problems!

Sandusky Raccoon Removal gets numerous calls from anxious homeowners every spring as the lawn warms and before the lawn hardens in the fall, which generally means raccoon lawn turfing problems. When homeowners wake up finding holes in their lawns or the turf rolled over, we get the morning calls.

Now it’s possible skunks could be digging up a lawn and skunk scent would be some indication. But we’re talking about raccoons now. Raccoons are intelligent, tenacious, and have excellent memories. As long as a raccoon thinks there is food under your lawn, it will keep rolling over your grass, searching for food.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get a grip on your raccoon lawn turfing problems, so you’re nearer to a potential solution than you think.

Raccoons can torture a lawn in a very short period of time. Check this masked bandit going at this lawn. Wonder what feast lies below? Raccoon Trapping might be a partial solution.

You May Have A Grub Problem And Your Masked Lawn Varmit Is Partially Solving Your Problem, But The Wrong Way!

Raccoons can be very destructive in so many ways. Generally, your raccoon lawn turfing problems occur when a raccoon knows your property contains plenty of food. The nocturnal raccoon will “roll up” a lawn, unlike skunks or squirrels, while searching for grubs and other larvae. Lawn grub management provides a partial solution when a raccoon finds a plentiful source of grubs on your lawn. 

Your raccoon lawn turfing problems  occur in the early spring and in the fall.

What was once a beautiful lawn can be turned into a nightmare when a raccoon is in search of food.

Raccoon lawn turfing problems produce a horrible mess on your lawn.

If you take a closer look, a raccoon rolled some areas of this lawn.

Often before your raccoon lawn turfing problems start, you will see signs of grubs in your lawn in the form of brown spots, essentially dead grass, two or three inches in diameter. If you see these areas increase in size and connect, the grubs are expanding their feeding area. 

Raccoons Main Food Source In Ohio Lawns

In the greater Sandusky, Ohio region, raccoons’ primary source of nourishment from lawns is nightcrawlers, earthworms, centipedes, and other insects living in your soil. The bottom line is your raccoon lawn turfing problems exist because a raccoon’s hunger drives it to dig.

When you wake in the morning and head out to get your newspaper and see that there are holes and uncovered areas of soil scattered around your lawn, you more often than not have entered into the world of raccoon lawn turfing problems.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and they often hide in trees around your property and climb to the ground when they feel safe.

Trees are raccoons’ favorite lookouts at night and will hide in them until they feel safe to come down.

Raccoon lawn turfing problems begin once a raccoon moves into your area

Once on your property, these nocturnal masked bandits start searching out food on your lawn.

Raccoons are creatures of the night and spend much of their day undercover and sleeping. So when the sun goes down, raccoons leave their den and hunt for food anywhere they sniff it out. Having good soil and a well-watered lawn will attract raccoons since all manner of insects, especially worms, thrive in that environment. An don’t forget most insects are night creatures as well.

Your Racoon Lawn Turfing Problems May Be A Result of Bigger Issues – A Raccoon May Be Living On Your Property Beneath Or In Your Garage, Shed, Deck, Crawlspace And The Worse Case Scenario In Your Attic!

“A Raccoon Is Living On My Property – What Can I Do?”

So you’ve discovered that your raccoon lawn turfing problems are a result of a raccoon living on your property. If that’s the case, it’s time to get proactive, especially if you start seeing physical damage on your home or buildings.

Raccoons generally shelter in your home for three reasons: safety, birthing, and warmth. And once a raccoon gets into your home, the destruction begins, as you can see in the photos below, and the costs to you could be great.

Your raccoon lawn turfing problems  occur in the early spring and in the fall.

If you see torn fascia on the side of your home, more than likely, a raccoon has entered your attic.

Once raccoons get into your attic your facing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs and cleanup.

Once a raccoon gets into your attic they tear up insulation and leave feces and urine everywhere.

We suggest you call us, Sandusky Raccoon Removal, at (419) 552-2001 to access your raccoon issues. Sandusky Raccoon Removal, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest division, provides Raccoon Trapping, Raccoon Damage Repair, and Raccoon Cleanup Sanitation services to the greater Sandusky Ohio region.

Sandusky Raccoon Removal provides nuisance raccoon services for homeowners and businesses. Our customers love our experienced, polite, and professional experts who make us the wildlife control leaders in the greater Sandusky, Ohio region.