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Humane Live Raccoon Trapping Demands Expert Help

If you have raccoons living in your home or business or on your property, you can count on the humane live raccoon trapping experts at Sandusky Raccoon Removal. Our trained, licensed, and insured raccoon trapping experts understand how these intelligent nuisance animals with many skills can invade buildings.

Raccoons will search out any weakness in a structure that will enable them access and in areas that an untrained eye might never suspect. And once into your home or business for some time, a raccoon, especially with its kits, will cause significant damage that will cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to undo.

There Are A Few Ways To Deal With A Raccoon Invasion, But We Focus First And Foremost On Raccoon Trapping These Wily Rascals With Live Traps

Because raccoon trapping is complicated, the building owner’s trapping attempts fail or produce a short-term resolution. And if you manage to trap a raccoon, there are numerous things you must do to prevent another raccoon invasion from occurring again.

Our raccoon trapping pros at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest will tie up all the loose ends after a successful raccoon trapping. We’ll make sure you lock down your outside trash can lids shut, bring pet food inside, install capping on your chimney, place thick screening over vents, and repair soffits or rotting wood around your home or business.

The 5 Step Process Of Humane Raccoon Trapping

  1. Inspecting The Property
  2. Trap Placement
  3. Baiting The Trap
  4. Setting The Trap
  5. Checking the Trap

Raccoons are now an urban animal quite at home around you and your pets. They rummage through your garbage, can carry diseases, and if you spot one on your property, you should address this issue now before you regret the damage a raccoon can cause if it gets into you home, especially your attic.

Inspecting The Property

Before we address any raccoon issue, our raccoon trapping experts at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW must perform a complete inspection outside and inside your buildings. Suppose we have concluded a high probability you have a raccoon within your home, business, or other structures. In that case, we must find all the possible entry areas and any indications of raccoons, such as torn insulation, nesting material, chewed wood or wires, feces, and urine.

Our checklist includes locating possible entry places at ground level and gaps in siding, eaves, soffits, and openings in uncovered vents and chimneys. And if you have an attic, we will do a thorough inspection since an attic is a raccoon’s favorite place to take refuge, especially if the raccoon is a female ready to give birth.

Raccoon trapping should be left to a professional wildlife control operator. Attics are highly susceptible to a raccoon invasion.
Sandusky Raccoon Removal pros have to deal with uncapped chimneys used by raccoons to get into homes.
Our Sandusky Raccoon Removal raccoon trapping team often find poorly constructed vent covers on roofs which are easily torn apart by raccoons.

Placing The Raccoon Trap

Under certain circumstances putting a trap in the right place may not be an exact science. Still, generally, we will place a trap in an area where a raccoon has previously begun damage or, if we see where the raccoon resides, near that space.

In most instances, our Sandusky Raccoon Trapping Specialists locate raccoons in covered areas like porches, sheds, woodpiles, along walls, fence lines, attics, walls, chimneys, and crawlspaces. Any trap placement is well-secured, whether fixed to the building or placed on the ground.

The Live Traps we place on grounds, buildings, or attics are large to extra-large and either one or two-door models. Our raccoon trapping team loves the one-door Live Traps since they have better bait protection and easier entering for larger animals, but we’ve found that two-door traps are better for trap shy animals since they can see through the traps with one or two doors open.

Raccoon traps are often placed on a roof line.
At times raccoon trapping demands odd placements of raccoon traps.
Sometimes multiple raccoon traps must be set throughout inside and outside of buildings.

Baiting The Raccoon Trap

Since raccoons eat and survive on plants, bird eggs, fish, and animal flesh, they will eat just about anything. Raccoons comfortably live in urban areas because they find food in garbage cans, dumpsters, and pet food dishes.

We’ve found that when it comes to raccoon bait foods, raccoons favor sweet foods like marshmallows or melon, and these sweets lessen the likelihood of catching non-target animals that prefer meats or fish. And one of our favorite sugary raccoon treats is Beery Bandit, sold at Viking Product Supply.

But no matter what bait one uses, correctly positioning the bait in the trap is crucial to success. And at times, we must create a trail of bait from the outside that leads the target raccoon into the trap where we place more bait.

Even though this baiting process appears simple, and once done, you’ll soon you’ll have your rascally raccoon, it’s not quite that simple since trapping is as much an art as a skill.

We love baiting our Sandusky Raccoon Removal traps with Viking Products Supply's Berry Bandit
Raccoons prefer sweets and you'll have a less liklihood if you use sweets of catching non target animals that prefer meats.
Properly placing raccoon bait in a trap is important.

Setting The Raccoon Trap

Due to the intelligence of a raccoon that has a fantastic memory, they can become trap wary if they have encountered certain traps that may have spooked it at one time in the past. We are very knowledgeable of the types of traps available to use. Plus, we know how to properly set a trap for the maximum trapping effectiveness, even for trap wary raccoons. Correctly setting the raccoon trap doors to the open position makes all the difference in the world in getting a successful capture.

Each type of raccoon trap, whether one-door or two-door which you can see below, we use sets differently, which an inexperienced homeowner might fail to comprehend fully. Once we set a trap, we always test the trigger and close mechanism by pressing the trigger plate. After we are confident the set trap is working correctly, we’ll securely fix the raccoon trap to a stable surface.

The first step in setting a raccoon trap shown by one of our Sandusky Raccoon Removal Pros.
The second step in setting a raccoon trap shown by one of our Sandusky Raccoon Removal Pros.
The third step in setting a raccoon trap shown by one of our Sandusky Raccoon Removal Pros.

Checking The Raccoon Trap

We must check our raccoon traps regularly, as trapping raccoons can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. If we need to leave our raccoon traps, we often ask our customers to keep an eye on them and let us know if we’ve had a successful capture.

Since raccoons are nocturnal animals, we suggest checking the traps in the morning. If one or more of our cages captured a raccoon, we ask our customers not to touch the cages to avoid getting bitten. We suggest placing some covering over the raccoon trap, which will calm the raccoon until we can get there to remove the raccoon in the cage.

And please, if we have set traps for you, and have had successful trapping, never leave a raccoon trapped for an extended time before calling us.

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Everyone Loves Raccoon Babies But This Raccoon And Her Four Kits, Seen In The Video And Photos Below, Created Extensive Damage To This Customer’s Attic, Which Needed Cleanup And Sanitation After We Removed Mama And Her Kits.

Be Proactive And Raccoon Proof Your Home And Buildings Since Not All Home Insurance Companies Will Cover The Cost Of Wildlife Damage.

A mother raccoon captured in a customer's attic. Our cameras caught her bringing her kits into the home's attic.
Sandusky Raccoon Removal, a division of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, successfully captured mama raccoon and her kits.

We Are A Division Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest

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Such a friendly customer service experience! Best I’ve ever had! They are extremely thorough investigating problems, finding solutions, and repairing the home if needed good as new. Myself and family members have had wonderful experiences!

Teresa Hixon

Very professional dealing with raccoons and my home owners insurance paid for the whole thing!

Tyler Johnson

We discovered we had an animal in our attic late on a Saturday afternoon. I found Buckeye Wildlife online and sent a text to the provided number. The response was immediate. They were there on Monday, raccoon removed by Tuesday morning. They provided full service from pest removal, removal of contaminated insulation, cleanup, disinfecting the area, replacing insulation, and closing the entry point to keep the evil critters out!! I met 4 different employees in the process and each was professional and easy to work with… I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.

Mike Curtis

Amazing service! Very polite on the phone, prompt follow up and came out same-day to take care of my needs. Highly recommend them!

Andy Gottesman

We had a mother raccoon and babies in our attic. We couldn’t sleep at night with all the noise! …  able to remove the mother & six babies! Extremely professional and we are grateful to have them gone!!

Lyn Denny

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